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AKSA Mini & Recreational Program 

AK Soccer Academy is a privately run academy that provides fun mini soccer and recreational program for children U5-U10. This program is in compliance with the Canada Soccer Pathway Long Term Player Development (LTPD) philosophy. 


Within our mini and recreational program we intend on creating opportunities for our players to develop basic movement skills such as running, jumping, landing, kicking, throwing and catching. Additionally, we incorporate sessions that allow for the development of agility, balance, coordination, speed and learning the basics of the game. These fundamental components of our training sessions are in compliance with Stage One: Active Start and Stage Two: Fundamentals of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) LTPD Pathway.


AKSA Competitive Program 

Our competitive program is intended to attract young athletes with a passion for soccer and the willingness to learn and grow as future soccer players. Essentially, the purpose of the developmental program is to provide basic and entry-level skills for their future as premier players.

Within our competitive program and league we incorporate the philosophy of creating a fun and safe environment while providing high-quality training. All players are evenly divided into teams to ensure that all teams are at the same skill capacity. This allows teams to be competitive with one another. In our league we provide a tiering system where girls play a year below their own age group and players that are not able to compete with their own age group will also play a year below.

The purpose of our tiering system is to allow our players to gain confidence and have fun while playing the sport. We have observed players quitting the sport because of the inability to participate within their own age group whether it be to late development or being new to the sport, we believe in providing an inclusive environment that will allow our players to succeed.

Upon registration, players will be assessed and allocated to a team based on their individual skill level.

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